Mr. Napoli visits and speaks at the Tempore City Library

Friday, February 8, 1996 - 10:15 AM - 12:15 PM:

The Tampere City Library is a large modern public library serving a population of over 174,000 people. Designed by Raiti and Reima Pietita and completed in 1986, the building's unusual roof has the shape of the capercailtie after which it is named.Thousands of people enter its doors every day, many of them from places all over the world. Tampere
Photo courtesy of Tampere City Library Home Page
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Because the train from Helsinki to Tampere was late, the five arrived at just about the time that Mr. Napoli was scheduled to speak at the City Library. A quick taxi ride got them all to the Library at about 10:20 AM. An audience of about 50 Finnish librarians was awaiting them when they arrived and Tuula Haavisto, Secretary General of the Finnish Library Association, introduced Mr. Napoli as his equipment was quickly set up.

Rotunda of the
Tampere City Library
Photo courtesy of the Tampere City Library WWW Home Page
Here Mr. Napoli presents his talk and demonstration of the St. Joseph County Public Library's WWW Home Page. Mr.
Photo by Erkki Lounasvuori
with SJCPL's QuickTake Digital Camera

Mr. Napoli's talk was one in a series of workshops, called the "Tiedon talo," sponsored by the Finnish Library Association as part of its continuing education efforts for Finnish librarians. Mr. Napoli began by talking about the "St. Joseph County Public Library's Internet Services: how we started; what we're doing; where we're going" (about 60 minutes). He followed this with a practical talk and demo about the "St. Joseph County Public Library's WWW Home Page: What's it all about?" (about 30 minutes). This talk about his library's Internet technology, services, and policies was followed by a 30-minute question-and-answer period for members of the audience.

Audience Finnish librarians ask Mr. Napoli several questions
Photo by Erkki Lounasvuori
with SJCPL's QuickTake Digital Camera

After this, his first talk in Finland, Mr. Napoli takes a taxi with Mikael Böök to the University of Tampere for lunch with the Department of Information Studies faculty and for his second talk. See a map of Tampere for the locations of the City Library and the University.

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