Mass at St. Henry's Cathedral - Helsinki

Sunday, February 11, 1996 - 10:00 - 11:00 AM:

Sunday morning Mr. Napoli walked from his hotel to the 10:00 AM mass at St. Henry's Cathedral in the center of Helsinki near the harbor area. The sermon was in French (of which Mr. Napoli understood very little), but the Mass itself was in Latin (most of which he did understand, being an old Roman Catholic and having studied Latin for four years at Boston College High School).

St. Henry's Cathedral - Helsinki

St. Henry's Cathedral


Photo Don Napoli using SJCPL's digital camera

After Mass he took a brief (it was very cold again and a bit windy) walk down to the harbor and took these photos, looking east. He was surprised to find the harbor so frozen that people were walking and cross-county skiing across its surface and between its islands. If you look very closely at the photos below, you can just bearly see the line of people skiing up the center of the harbor.

Helsinki's Frozen Harbor

with a row of people skiing east (right to left)

HelsinkiFrozen Harbor-1
Photo by Don Napoli using SJCPL's digital camera
Here is another view of the same area of the harbor, looking east. Paths through the snow made by people walking on the frozen ice were everywhere.

Helsinki's frozen harbor-2

Helsinki's Frozen Harbor

east view

Photo by Don Napoli using SJCPL's digital camera

Ratakatu Street

leading back to the Hotel Anna

Helsinki Old Library Rotunda-3
Photo by Don Napoli using SJCPL's digital camera
Although the sky was clear and the sun bright, it was too cold to linger, so Mr. Napoli returned to his hotel to warm up and have brunch. On the way back he took a different route and passed the Russian Embassy, noting that the former Soviet Union's Hammer & Sickle was still displayed in the granite carving above its main entrance. After eating Mr. Napoli again ventured out into the cold to take more photos of the city since is was such a bright sunny day.

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