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(Local Travel Resources)
(Local Travel Resources)
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==Local Travel Resources==
==Local Travel Resources==
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Other Travel Links

Online Maps and Directions


Travel Tips, Tools, and Help


SJCPL Travel Resources

SJCPL Travel Books and DVDs

Destination Call Number Popular Destinations Call Number
Africa 916.04 Caribbean 917.2904
Asia 915.04 Chicago 917.7311
Europe 914.04 Disney World 917.592
North America 917 Hawaii 919.6904
U.S 917.3 New York City 917.4704
South America 918 Los Angeles 917.9494

Learn the Language

Please see SJCPL's Language subject guides for language-learning resources.


Please see our collection of current Travel Magazines.


  • Fold-out maps are available in the travel book section. Take one on your travels, bring one back from where you've been.
  • Free city maps are available in many out-of-town phone books at Main.
  • Free South Bend, Mishawaka, and Indiana state maps are occasionally available at the library. Just ask at the reference desk.

Local Travel Resources

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Tourism Links




Road Conditions


Travel Events

Online Travel Links

Online Travel Reservations

Online Travel Information

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