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[[Image:castle.jpg|left|110px|South Bend Library]]
"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." - George Santayana<br>
"History is who we are and why we are the way we are." - David C. McCullough
Find out what happened [http://brainyhistory.com/ today in history].
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Local News Media

National News Media


Right Now in South Bend



United Way

211 logo
The United Way of St. Joseph County has launched a new service for seniors and others who need help contacting social service agencies. The 211 Information and Referral Service has information on locating services throughout St. Joseph and Marshall Counties. Whether you need assistance with food, housing, clothing, or child care, just dial "211."

Update: Occasionally the 2-1-1 number doesn't ring through. When this happens, call the United Way of St. Joseph County at (574) 232-8201 and ask to be transferred to 211.

Community Connection

The Library maintains a list of nonprofit and social service organizations and clubs Community Connection includes information for everything from the local Kiwanis and Lion's Clubs to gardening, food pantries, and more!

We all want to Make a Difference

Make a Difference Michiana is a new website that is a central source of information about non-profit organizations in South Bend and surrounding counties.

School Information & News

South Bend Community Schools

St. Joseph High School (South Bend)

Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation

School City of Mishawaka

John Glenn Community Schools

New Prairie United School Corporation

Transportation News

South Bend Regional Airport

News and latest information about the airport expansion.

South Shore

South Shore Rail Line information and schedule.

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