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[[Contact Local & Family History Services | Contact Local & Family History Services]]
Created by: [[User:Libby the Librarian | Libby Feil]], August 2008<br />
Created by: [[User:Libby the Librarian | Libby Feil]], August 2008<br />

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By Libby Feil

Local & Family History Services has a new collection of books by local authors. It has more than 235 works and is still growing.

This department long has collected books by Indiana authors, such as James Whitcomb Riley and Gene Stratton Porter. Recently, we pulled those books together from a number of different spots on our shelves, and gave them their own space in our room. We intend to add to the collection, but will concentrate on St. Joseph County authors going forward.

There are many gaps in our collection. For instance, we have some but not all titles written by famed St. Joseph County mystery writers Jeanne Dams and Ralph McInerny. (See Local Authors for more information about these prolific writers.) If you have books that you would like to donate, by these or any other St. Joseph County authors, we in Local & Family History would love to take them! And if you are yourself a local author, please consider donating a copy of your book so that we can feature your work in our collection.

Here are just a few of the gems of this collection:

Contact Local & Family History Services

Created by: Libby Feil, August 2008
Last updated by: Libby Feil, February 21, 2009

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