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We had a couple of suggestions at Open Book to have a "Local Authors" page. So, here you go. I will be adding information and links as I get them.


Jeanne Dams

Find mysteries by Jeanne Dams in the catalog.

Jeanne Dams official website.

Johnnie Griffin

Find materials by Johnnie Griffin in the catalog.

Gene Ha

Find materials illustrated by Gene Ha in the catalog.

Locate Batman books and comic books in the catalog.

Gene Ha's official website.

Joe Haldeman

Mr. Haldeman is not exactly local, but he did participate in our Open Book Festival this year (2006), so we will include him here for awhile. He is a popular and well-known science fiction author.

Find materials by Joe Haldeman in the catalog.

Joe Haldeman's Tangled Web Site.

John Kovach

We can't get much more local than the Library's own John Kovach. When he's not working in Local & Family History Services, John can usually be found on a baseball diamond. Click here for a list of items available in the catalog.

Ralph McInerny

We have books from Notre Dame professor McInerny's famous mystery series, Father Dowling and the Notre Dame mysteries, as well as some of his books on the Catholic faith and his recent memoir. Check our catalog.

Patricia Pollacco

Children's author and illustrator from Union City, Michigan.

Find materials by Patricia Pollacco in the catalog.

John Palmer

Another local author with ties to the Library is John Palmer. John also worked in Local & Family History and wrote several items about local families as well as South Bend.

April Pulley Sayre

Natural history writer from South Bend. Make sure to note the dedication in her book Africa: "Thanks especially to the librarians and other staff of the St. Joseph County Public Library, my local gold mine." Well, thank you, April!

Find materials by April Sayre in the catalog.

Franklin Sheneman

Yet another author who is also a former employee of the Library's Local & Family History Services department. Franklin, a native of North Liberty, has written a book about that area: Southern St. Joseph County.

Sarah Stewart and David Small

One of my favorite author/illustrator teams of children's materials (and one that I haven't had the honor to meet yet, although I have several autographed copies of their books).

This biography of David Small is from the National Center for Children's Illustrators.

Tasha Alexander

St. Joseph High School grad now living in Tennessee, Tasha writes intriguing romantic suspense novels set in Victorian England.

Find materials by Tasha Alexander in the catalog

Last updated: April 1, 2008

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