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We had a couple of suggestions at Open Book to have a "Local Authors" page. So, here you go. I will be adding information and links as I get them.


Jeanne Dams

Find materials by Jeanne Dams in the catalog.

Jeanne Dams official website.

Gene Ha

Find materials illustrated by Gene Ha in the catalog.

Locate Batman books and comic books in the catalog.

Gene Ha's official website.

Joe Haldeman

Mr. Haldeman is not exactly local, but he did participate in our Open Book Festival this year (2006), so we will include him here for awhile. He is a popular and well-known author.

Find materials by Joe Haldeman in the catalog.

Joe Haldeman's Tangled Web Site.

Sarah Stewart and David Small

One of my favorite author/illustrator teams of children's materials (and the one that I haven't had the honor to meet yet, although I have several autographed copies of their books).

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