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*[ Saint Mary's College Jobs]
*[ Saint Mary's College Jobs]
*[ University of Notre Dame Jobs]
*[ University of Notre Dame Jobs]
*[ South Bend Community Schools Jobs]
*[ South Bend Community Schools Jobs]
*[ SBT Job Match]
*[ SBT Job Match]

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Unemployment Information

Local Employers

Local Job Search Links

General Job Search Links

Minority Job Search Links

Gay Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Job Search Links

Seniors Job Search Links

Relocation & Cost of Living



Job Resources

Browsing our shelves (Dewey Decimal System call numbers): Jobs ~ 331.

Filing for Unemployment

Click here for Uplink CSS (Claimant Self Service for Unemployment Benefits)" Uplink.png

Choosing a Career

The following books can help you narrow down your choice of career.

  • Vocational Guidance Books
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
    • Organized by industry.
    • Topics: training/education,
      experience, type of work,
      salary, future of career.
  • Chronicle Guidance Career Pamphlet File: Located in File Cabinets on the First Floor of the Main Library, near the Business Reference Tables. See a librarian for assistance. Pamphlets may be checked out. Updates are received four times a year.

Job Search

The following books can help you start or narrow your job search, apply for jobs, and get through job interviews.

Finding a Job & Getting Hired

Resume Help

Relocation Information

Unemployment Information

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