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(National Health Care Assistance)
(National Health Care Assistance)
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==National Health Care Assistance==
==National Health Care Assistance==
[ Artists' Health Insurance Resource Center]
[ Artists' Health Insurance Resource Center]
[ Medicare]
[ Medicare]

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SJCPL Health & Fitness Magazines

Please check our Magazine Titles by Subject or Magazine Titles A-Z for a list of health & fitness magazines available at SJCPL.

SJCPL Health & Fitness Literature

Topic Call Number
Medicine 610
Human Anatomy & Physiology 611-612
Personal Health & Safety 613
Prevention and Treatment of Diseases 614-616
Medical Specialities (Ex. Pregnancy) 617-618
Experimental Medicine 619

SJCPL Online Health Databases

Health & Wellness Resource Center

INSPIRE's Multiple Health Databases

Local Community Health & Recreation Clubs

Boys & Girls Club Locations

Kroc Corps Community Center

Michiana YMCA

Robinson Community Center Events

South Bend Parks O'Brien Fitness Center

Local Community Health Centers

Healthy Family Center, St. Joseph Regional

Memorial Neighborhood Health Center, Central Clinic

Memorial Neighborhood Health Center, Southeast Clinic

Sister Maura Brannick Health Center, St. Joseph Regional

Local Community Hospitals

Memorial Hospital

St. Joseph Regional Medical Center

South Bend Clinic

Unity Medical & Surgical Hospital

Indiana County & State Health Departments

Indiana County Health Departments

Indiana State Department of Health

Online Reference Resources

Medline Plus: Diseases, conditions, & wellness information from National Library of Medicine

Merck Manuals: Resources for diagnosis and therapy, patient symptoms, home care, and pet health for healthcare professionals and laypeople

PDRhealth (Physicians' Desk Reference): Includes disease overviews, drug information and clinical trials for consumers

Indiana Health Care Assistance


Indiana Medicaid

Rx for Indiana

National Health Care Assistance

Artists' Health Insurance Resource Center


National Affordable Care Act


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Mentally Stimulating Diversions

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