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Finding Birth Dates for Foreign-Born Relatives

By Libby Feil

Finding birth dates for relatives born outside of the United States can be a tricky business. You might immediately think you'll have to travel to your ancestors' birth country, or write to an archive there to get a record. Although that may be a possibility (or may not, depending on the time period in question and the state of the country's recordkeeping system), there are some easier strategies to try first--right here at home!

The first question to ask is whether your relative died in America. If not, did they die in Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, or Wales? Then try looking in Ancestry, because Ancestry has a lot of records from those countries. If your relative died in any other foreign country, try the nearest LDS Family History Center. Here in St. Joseph County the closest one is in Mishawaka. The Mormon Family History Centers have access to microfilms of vital records from all over the world, and you do not have to be Mormon to use them.

If the person you are looking for did die here, then you have several alternatives. The easiest situation is if you know what American state and county your relative died in. In this case, you can try to obtain a death certificate and obituary. "Wait," you may say, "I'm interested in when this person was born, not when they died." But almost all death certificates, and many obituaries, will give the person's birth date or at least an age.

If your relative died here in St. Joseph County, then you can look for the date of your relative's obituary in our Obituary Index (deaths since 1913) or in our set of Eisen's Vital Statistics Index to St. Joseph County, Indiana, Newspapers, 1831-1912. The Library has local newspapers on microfilm, so you can come in and find the obituary once you have the date it was published. To obtain a death certificate, you can simply go to the St. Joseph County Health Department on the 8th floor of the City-County Building at the corner of Lafayette and Jefferson in downtown South Bend.

If your relative died in another county in Indiana, you can most likely still get an obituary and a death certificate. To get an obituary, just find which Indiana public library serves the county your relative died in, and then contact that library to find out if they have an obituary index to their local newspaper. If they don't, you still have the option to get a death certificate. You can order a copy from the State Department of Health or directly from the county health department.

If your ancestor died in another state, find that county's library and contact it to find out about obituaries. To order a death certificate, find out what the procedures are for the state you are interested in.

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