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*[ WorkOne Center] provides classes in reading, math, and grammar to assist clients in preparing for the GED test.
*[ WorkOne Center] provides classes in reading, math, and grammar to assist clients in preparing for the GED test.
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[[Category: Education]]
[[Category: Education]]

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Local Education Links

Educator's Information

Special Needs

Other Links


Education Resources

New Education Books on our Shelves

<div class="floatleft">Learning On the Job</div> <div class="floatleft">Parents' Guide to College Life</div> <div class="floatleft">The Knowledge Deficit</div> <div class="floatleft">Getting in Without Freaking Out</div>
Learning on
the Job
Parents' Guide to
College Life
The Knowledge
Getting in Without
Freaking Out

Education Magazines

College & Scholarship Information

College & Scholarship Resources

The library has many books to help you with your college selection and financial aid needs. Most of these books are available to checkout, however we do have a College & Career table with many helpful reference books that can be used for research within the library only.

Here are just some of the College & Scholarship titles available to help get you started:

<div class="floatleft">Saving/Paying for College</div> <div class="floatleft">Scholarship Handbook</div> <div class="floatleft">College Cost & Financial Aid Book</div> <div class="floatleft">Princeton Review Complete Book of Colleges</div> <div class="floatleft">College Board Book to College Majors</div>
for College
The College
Board Scholarship
College Cost &
Financial Aid
Complete Book
of Colleges
The College
Board Book
of Majors

There are also many websites available for college information, below are some helpful college websites.

College & University Websites

Scholarship and Financial Aid Websites

Local Scholarships

Education Programs

Education Programs @ the Library

  • Our Special Services Department offers adult literacy programs and homework tutoring. See their website for more information.

Local Adult Education Programs

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