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*[ U.S. Dept. of Education College Search]
*[ U.S. Dept. of Education College Search]
'''Computer Classes'''
*Please see our [ Computer classes subject guide] for information on community classes.

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SJCPL Education Information

Library Resources

Library Services

  • Ask a Librarian at St. Joseph County Public Library for research assistance.

Local Education Resources

Indiana Education Resources

General Resources

ISTEP+ Resources

Internet Resources

Citing Sources

College & Career Planning Databases and Websites

Home Schooling

Language Learning

Please see our Language Subject Guide for a wide variety of language learning resources.

National/International Education Resources

Online Non-Credit Classes (Free)

  • Udemy: many classes are free on this site, but some require payment.

Resources for Teachers

Scholarship and Financial Aid Websites

  • Please search for local scholarships in Community Connection or look at our local scholarships binder on the Education table in the reference area of the Main Library.

Special Needs

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