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Government Agencies for Consumer
Information & Protection

Consumer Information

Automobile & Boat Information


Better Business Bureau: Spending Money Wisely

Unsure about whether a company is legit before you give them a deposit to remodel your house? Want to check up on a charitable organization before you donate money? Check out the websites below for authoritative information about businesses and charities.

Buying or Selling a Car

The websites listed below can help you get started on researching your next automobile purchase.

Buying or Selling a House

The websites below can help you get started.

Home Ownership

Home ownership is a joy...and sometimes a pain. It's a wonderful feeling to own your home, but it comes with a host of responsibilities. Need help figuring out what to do when something goes wrong? Check out the sites below for help.


Your Credit Report & Identity Theft

You can never be too careful with your credit history. Identity theft is becoming an increasingly prominent problem in our society. The websites below will help you monitor your credit history.

Department of Financial Institutions
402 W. Washington, Rm. W066
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317-232-3955 or 1-800-382-4880

Consumer Books

Consumer Magazines

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