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Caution: Authentication is generally by
sellers, not experts.

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An object of aesthetic or historical value made over 100 years ago.
An artistic or historical treasure less than 100 years old.
A mass-produced or "limited edition" object.
An object that gains value because of its association with a famous person or event.

(Source: Antiques Speak, the Antiques Roadshow glossary)


SJCPL Resources

Standard Identification & Price Guides

Price guide are generally buyers' guides, not sellers' guides, suggesting what you would have to pay to purchase an object.
Sellers should expect to receive much less than the value listed.

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Featured Site
Ephemera Society of America
Ephemera refers to anything that was not meant to last.
See examples in the colorful article, Seed Company Advertising.

(Dewey Decimal Numbers)

  • 700 The Arts
    • 730 Plastic Arts, Sculpture
      • 736 Carvings
      • 737 Coins, Paper Money
      • 738 Ceramics, Porcelain
      • 739 Metalwork
    • Drawing & Decorative Arts
      • 741 Drawings
      • 745 Decorative Arts
        • 745.1 Antiques & Collectibles
      • 746 Textiles
      • 748 Glass
      • 749 Furniture
    • 750 Paintings
    • 760 Prints
      • 769 Stamps, Sports Cards, Posters
    • 770 Photographs

Antiques Book Review

Antiques 101
Antiques 101: A Crash Course in Everything Antique What an enjoyable way to learn the basics of antiquing! Author Frank Farmer Loomis IV concisely describes the major furniture styles from Queen Anne in the early 1700s through Retro, the semi-antiques/collectibles of the 1970s and 1980s. He gives tips on identifying woods, as well as china, silver and glass. He delights in the way the world of antiques is ever evolving. For example, we once made fun of those velvet Elvis paintings ("El on Vel"); now Elvis is the king of Retro. Though not a price guide, this book will help you distinguish what is worth collecting.

Other books by Loomis: Secrets to Affordable Antiques and Is It Antique Yet?

Magazines on Antiques & Collectibles

Local Clubs

For descriptions and contact information, search Community Connection.

  • Antique Automobile Club of America, St. Joe Valley Region
  • Antique Study Group
  • Northern Indiana Philatelic Society
  • Questers Chapters

Area Antique Shows & Auctions

Interesting Tidbits Did you know that while some members of the Studebaker family were manufacturing automobiles, others were making pocket watches? Here is an interesting article from Southeastern Antiquing and Collecting Magazine about Studebaker watches. For more information about early South Bend businesses, contact Local & Family History Services.

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