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Sights & Sounds at SJCPL Main Library
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DVD charges at SJCPL
(A list of our fines and fees can be found by clicking here.)
50¢ per day beginning the day of checkout (maximum 4 days)
$1.00 per day overdue charge
Items returned in a dropbox before the library opens will be checked in for the previous day that any SJCPL location is open.
For example, when the Main Library is closed on Sundays, all items in the drop on Monday morning will be checked in for Saturday.
Returning a DVD to a closed location will not reduce the rental charges. If the Main Library is open, you will be charged for that day.
If all SJCPL locations are closed, there is no charge.
Free loan for children’s and nonfiction DVDs—overdue charges still apply
Checkout Periods
4 days (including day of checkout) for children’s and feature films
3 weeks for nonfiction titles
All charges are applied to your library card account when you return your material; these may be paid at self-checkout stations or online (
For example, if you check out a DVD on Monday—
And return it on: The charge will be:
Monday $0.50
Tuesday $1.00
Wednesday $1.50
Thursday $2.00
Friday (overdue) $3.00

You may have a total of 10 holds at one time, regardless of the type of material. There is no charge to place holds. There is a $0.50 charge for each DVD hold not picked up. DVDs will be held for 2 days. (Books and CDs will be held for 7 days after the notice is sent.) DVDs may not be renewed.

Q. How can I place a hold on a DVD?
A. You can place a hold on DVDs yourself using the Online Catalog on the SJCPL website ( or contact staff at any SJCPL location.

Q. How soon will my hold be ready to pick up?
A. As quickly as possible. Your hold may be ready in as soon as a day, several days or weeks. The time will vary depending on the availability of the title, the location of pick up, the number of copies we own, and the number of holds placed on the item by other patrons.

Q. How will I know when my hold is in?
A. For DVDs you will need to specify either e-mail or telephone notification. Mailed notices are not timely enough for DVD holds.

Q. How do I change my notice preference?
A. Go to Click My Card. Enter your name and library card number. Click Update Personal Information, choose e-mail or telephone, and click Submit. (Be sure to move the SJCPL e-mail address from the “junk” box in your e-mail.)

Q. Where do I return a DVD when the location I checked it out from is closed?
A. DVDs can be returned to any SJCPL location. For current hours, visit our website, Returning a DVD to a closed location will not affect the rental charges. If the Main Library is open, you will be charged for that day.