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SJCPL's National Ranking

From 1998 through 2009, SJCPL has been consistently ranked among the TOP TEN
of the 316 public libraries in the U.S. serving populations of 100,000 to 250,000 people.
In 2010, SJCPL ranked 11th among these 316 public libraries. Click on the links below for details.


  • Note: In 2001 and in 2007 rankings were not tabulated since the U.S. Federal government did not report
    the national public library data that were needed.

    Also, SJCPL was the ....

    • First public library in the United States to have its own web server and publish its web pages on the Internet (March 14, 1994); the second worldwide. The Helsinki City Library (Finland) was the 1st public library in the world to do so.

    • First public library in the world to publish its own internally created databases (its Community Connection , now with information on over 1,200 local community organizations; and the TribIndex, an index to articles of local interest appearing in the South Bend Tribune between 1990 to 2002), making these databases available and searchable worldwide through a web browser (March 1994).

    • To learn more about SJCPL's early involvement with the Internet, see "The Public Library In Transition" by Donald J. Napoli, published in The Evolving Virtual Library II, Laverna M. Saunders, Editor. Gardezl Verlag Michael Itschert, 1999.

    • Ranked 8th by Places Rated for the number of new books added yearly per 1,000 residents - 1993
    We are a star!
    SJCPL was a 4-star library, ranking amoung the top ten in every category and overall! This is based on 2007 national data.