Kids Booklists

Hoosier Happenings - Stories that take place in Indiana

    Hay, Jerry M. A Goose Named Gilligan. c2004. j Picture Book.

      Jerry loves nature and enjoys walking on the banks of the Wabash River near his Indiana home. It is while on a mission to rescue river mussels from hungry raccoons that he discovers another animal in need of a friend.

    Fleming, Candace. Boxes for Katje. 2003. j Picture Book.

      Katje's hometown of Olst, Holland was devastated by World War II and she and her family, along with her friends and neighbors often have do without even the basic necessities. Supplies such as sugar, socks, and soap are now considered luxuries. Then one day, a box arrives for Katje from Mayfield, Indiana, from a girl named Rosie filled many with items that Katje has been longing for.

    Morrow, Barbara Olenyik. A Good Night for Freedom. 2004. j Picture Book for Older Readers.

      Young Hallie faces a difficult choice in the winter of 1839 in this story based on true events. She discovers two runaway slaves hiding out in the house of her neighbor, Levi Coffin and she must choose between obeying her father and doing what she believes is the right. The Levi Coffin house is now a museum, located in Fountain City, Indiana and is a registered National Historic Landmark.

    Peck, Richard. The Teacher's Funeral: a Comedy in Three Parts. 2004. j Teen.

      This story begins at the end of the summer of 1904 in "the backwoodsiest corner of Indiana". It is then that Russell Culver receives some exciting news. His teacher old Miss Myrt Arbuckle has died. Russell incorrectly assumes there will be no one to replace his teacher at his, run-down one- room county schoolhouse with only six students. Russell couldn't be more wrong and is in for the surprise of his life when he finds out who is Miss Arbuckle's replacement.

    Lasky, Kathryn. Christmas After All: the Great Depression Diary of Minnie Swift. 2001. j Series.

      Minnie knows that this Christmas is going to be very different from Christmas's of the past. The holiday season is usually a time of joy and abundance but the Great Depression has changed circumstances for her family, the city of Indianapolis, and the entire country. Follow Minnie as she searches for hope and holiday cheer during this difficult time, "The Time of the Dwindling".

    Rosellini, Eleanor Florence. Puzzle in the Portrait. c1999. j Fiction.

      Two Indiana kids discover a family secret hidden in an old family portrait. They must research their family's past in order to solve the hundred-year-old mystery

    Clifford, Eth. Help! I'm a Prisioner in the Library. 1979. j First Chapter.

      Jo-Beth and Mary Rose run out of luck when their family car runs out of gas during a horrible blizzard in Indiana. As their father sets off to find a service station, they set off to find a restroom. They find a public library in which to take shelter and get trapped inside. What happens inside no one would ever believe!

    Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Bernie Magruder and Bats in the Belfrey. 2003. j Fiction.

      Things are not normal in Bernie's hometown of Middleburg, Indiana. The Indiana Aztec Bat migrates every seventy-five years from South America and someone has put up signs been claiming that the sometimes dangerous bats have arrived in Middleburg! Another problem facing Bernie are the recently installed loud church bells that ring every hour all day long driving everyone crazy. When Bernie thinks he spots what might be Indiana Aztec bats near the church belfry, he decides to investigate because the Indiana Aztec Bats are harmless unless their habitat is disturbed.

    Woodworth, Chris. When Ratboy Lived Next Door. 2005. j Fiction.

      Lydia is not very happy when Willis and his pet raccoon move next door to her to her in small Indiana town of Mayfield during the summer of 1962. While Lydia struggles to understand her new neighbor, she also has to deal with some serious issues at home well as her mother continues to deal with the loss of her husband and son years earlier.

    Cullem, Lynn. Nelly in the Wilderness. 2002. j Historical Fiction.

      After the death of their mother Nelly and her brother Cornelius are left to take care of themselves in their home in the Indiana frontier while their father has gone off on an extended hunting trip. After a long absence their father returns with more than his usual catch. Nelly's father has returned with a new wife, a young woman from the city who has no experience with life in the wilderness.

    Cabot, Meg. Teen Idol. C2004. j Teen.

      Junior Jenny Greenly is "Annie" of Southern Indiana High School Newspaper's advice column "Ask Annie". When Hollywood heartthrob, Luke Striker come to town secretly research a movie role, it is Jenny who could use some good advice. She is the only one who knows Luke's true identity.

    Rand, Jonathan. Iron Insects Invade Indiana. 2003 j Series

      Travis Kramer loves his home in Elkhart, Indiana. One of his favorite things to do is hang out near the St. Joseph River with his friends. It is while hanging out with his friend many at a local park that he discovers something very unusual that he knows does not belong in Indiana.